The Buti of Yoga: Trying New Classes!

By Warrior1Yoga - August 6th, 2019 in Yoga

The Buti of Yoga: Trying New Classes!

After a wile, hearing the health benefits of consistent exercise can be almost like a song on the radio you’ve heard a thousand times-time to tune it out. It seems like everyone has the right answer for you. With different yoga practices come with different ways to honor your body. This is true with a unique cardio-based yoga class: Buti Glow

What is Buti Yoga?

Buti yoga is a unique practice, known for its cardio-intensive bursts of tribal dance, primal movement, and conditioning. The movement involved in a Buti class is designed to help everyone develop body confidence. It will help you fall in love with your workout, work through emotional and physical barriers, and transform your body. 

What are the benefits of Buti?

While a high-intensity cardio-based workout seems like something for an advanced yogi, Buti is actually for all levels! Just like all yoga classes at Warrior One, you’ll begin where you are and grow at your own pace. Unlike a lot of yoga classes, the music is similar to what you would find in a cycling class. By pumping music and tribal style dance poses, you are bound to overcome any mental blocks that are weighing you down. 

Buti Glow is almost like dancing in your living room like no one is watching-especially true with the lights out and glow sticks-which are provided. 

If you are new to yoga classes, inquire about your first class free pass or save by purchasing a bundle of classes!

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