Yoga Can Change Your Life

We love our clients and we love their stories. If you have constant akes and pains or just want a fun way to stay in shape, come visit us at Warrior 1 Yoga and see how yoga can change your life.


Warrior 1 yoga has helped me physically with less aches and pains, mentally by reducing stress and has given me more confidence in myself. I make better food choices now, I still enjoy the same foods just not as much or as often. As a result I’ve lost 20+ pounds. Thank you Linda Boden for all your encouragement you are a inspiration to me.   – Dianna Ellis

Transformation by Dyamond Alyse – So almost 3 years ago I was weighing 187, the heaviest I have ever been! People kept telling me I was getting heavy but was so blind to it I just kept ignoring it, I decided to try out yoga one day because a friend convinced me to go. I struggled so much, I thought I was dying. I had never been so out of shape before. A few weeks passed, and I ended up going again, and once again, I struggled and felt so uncomfortable in my own body. I was so embarrassed, so I finally decided to sign up for yoga. When I started yoga, I immediately felt better about myself. I started eating better, stopped drinking beer, and sure enough, I started shedding the pounds. I hate gyms. I just can’t get motivated in the gym, so for me yoga was perfect because the teachers are all so motivating and really get to know you on a personal level, everyone at the studio knows me, knows my mom, always ask how my mom is doing, and for me, that’s really heartwarming to know that I’m remembered, and I am not just another person paying their monthly dues. From the beginning, I would always sit in front of the class and at first, I was a little embarrassed sitting in the front. But then I thought to myself if I sit in the front I’ll be closer to the yoga instructor and I don’t want to give up & to this day I still sit in the front. Today, I’m weighing 141 and I’m still attending yoga.

I’m so comfortable in my body, never had a butt and now everyone at yoga compliments my butt which for a girl ya know that’s kinda a big deal, I still have some work to do with my body, and I have no doubt that if I continue with yoga I’ll get to my ultimate goal of 130! Thanks to Dana, Kelsi , Nilay, April and all the warrior 1 yoga staff for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin. Thank you all once again BODY BY WARRIOR 1YOGA  love you guys!

The first picture was before I started at Warrior 1, circa 2015. The second picture is after, Cirac November, 2017. I love Dana Healey, her family, the Warrior 1 Family, and all the yogis I have met along the way. Need to get myself back in regularly and also need to add cycle regularly.

My story is more about an emotional transformation rather than a physical transformation. The scariest day of my life occurred in September of 2006 when I was told that at 28 years old I had cancer. Prior to this date I never cared about health. I didn’t think I had to… i was one of those annoying girls that stayed super thin without counting calories or working out. After kicking cancer’s ass I quickly found that I had another battle to conquer… my weight! The steroids caused me to blow up into a sea cow!!! The mental anguish that came with now having to deal with a weight issue was torturous and has been torturous. After chemo just

Beginning at Warrior 1 yoga was not just going to a yoga studio where you’re in and out, yoga and done. It is a lifestyle change. There are several options available for you to change your health from the root. A hair analysis test is available to notify you of vitamin deficiencies and toxins, near infrared and heat releases lymph, moves circulation and removes toxins. Everything is designed to kick start your body in a positive direction holistically. The classes will help you melt calories fast and lipolight is there to really move it along. Overall, I can’t believe how fast my progress has been and even more, how much my life has changed as a results of it.

-Sharmila Paul

This is completely out of my comfort zone, but with Dana’s encouragement, I’m sharing my story and my before and after picture. It was Labor Day weekend 2017 when I decided to start my journey to self-improvement. I knew that meant making a lot of changes to my current lifestyle. I had lost myself along the way; silently struggling, emotionally, physically and mentally, with past and current issues in my life. In 4 years, I was at my highest weight (168!) I was so unhappy with all my failed attempts (fad diets, shakes, dreaded boot camps, and the gym) to lose weight and get fit…I needed more than a workout but I wasn’t sure what that could be. Then a friend invited me to a hot yoga class and that was it for me – seriously…I loved it!!! This “Goal of Yoga” quote pretty much sums up what the practice does for me.

One year to the date that I made the commitment to start my journey of self-improvement, I’ve lost 40 pounds – no diets, no pills – just healthy eating, a positive mindset and commitment (I take 6-8 classes a week). I’ve lost an additional 8 pounds and I now weigh 120. I’ve been 120 pounds before, but never have I appreciated myself the way I do now.
-Warrior 1 Yoga Studio is my happy place 🙂

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