Heated Classes

Our studio’s classes are heated between 95-106 degrees.

Class Humidity

30-50% humidity and classes last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Towel Provided

We provide a cold lemongrass scented towel after each class.

Beginner’s Hot Yoga

Beginner classes are led with detailed instruction; they vary from static to flow style classes and are excellent for all level of students.

Bikram style and Absolute Hot Yoga

These classes have minimal Flow and are considered static yoga: meaning each pose is held for 30-60 seconds, poses are not all connected in a flow they are performed one pose after another with rest in between.

Hot Yoga Sculpt and Butt Lift

These classes use ankle or free weights (1-10lb) incorporated in the yoga poses, these classes are extremely popular, make sure you reserve your spot in advance!

Hot Ashtanga, Hot Flow & Vinyasa

These classes flow, meaning poses flow or connect from one poses to the next. Flow sequences vary intensity with a concentration on connecting breath to movement. Excellent class for students with a beginning and consistent Vinyasa flow practice. Modifications and adjustments provided.

Warrior 1 Workshops

We offer different workshops almost every weekend from Woman’s Self defense, Yoga for digestion, Fascia self-message, Arm balancing, Yoga for Fertility, Mastering Sun Salutation A & B, Yoga for fertility, Fascia Massage, and so much more.

Zyoga is an exercise program that starts with a 10-minute warm up that embraces stretching forms.

What follows is a 40-minute choreographed dance routine and a 10-minute cooldown which includes specific ancient styles of stretching to assist the body with becoming calm after an intense workout.

The dances draw inspiration from many genres including salsa, afrobeat, pop, hip hop, merengue, soca, jazz, and dancehall (to name a few).

Participants will enjoy literally dancing their calories away, while engaging the entire body in ways that help build muscle and burn fat without seemingly less effort.