The Wonder of Flaxseeds

By Warrior1Yoga - November 1st, 2017 in Uncategorized

What are flaxseeds, and why are they so good for you? With a latin name literally translating to “very useful” flaxseeds are a useful in health aid.

A few benefits include:

  • contain antioxidants and minerals
  • improve digestion
  • help fight cancer
  • improve brain health
  • support the immune system
  • promote weight loss
  • help fight diabetes
  • improve skin and hair
  • help lower cholesterol

A couple of ways to add flaxseeds into your diet include:

  • stir into yogurt
  • add to waffles, pancakes or muffins
  • add to smoothies
  • use as an egg substitute by mixing 1 tablespoon flaxseed with 4 tablespoons water
  • sprinkle over salads
  • use as a grain-free flour substitute

Yani, & Warrior 1 Yoga Team

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