Warrior 1 Yoga is privately owned and operated by life long Bakersfield resident Dana Healey, a U.S Army disabled veteran. She has a Bachelor in Business and multiple certifications in professional and fitness related fields. She obtained her Yoga certification in Thailand by attending the Absolute Hot Yoga Teachers Training Academy and completing a 200-hour Registered Yoga Alliance (RYT) certification program, recognized internationally. She has over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry providing personal training. Her recent accomplishments include providing hot Yoga to Soldiers and U.S contractors overseas. Currently, Dana is providing private Yoga sessions in her free time while furthering her education in the fitness industry.

Dana spent the majority of her professional life working in Afghanistan and Iraq from 2003 to 2013 for the U.S Army and the infamous Blackwater as a government contractor. She has traveled the world and has done more with her life than most could imagine by age 3l.

December 2013 Dana hurt her back and broke her arm due to an injury sustained while working in Iraq, she returned home for recovery and used yoga to aid in rehabilitation. This incident was the driving force behind her passion for yoga and motivation to open a studio in Bakersfield. Lastly, her drive and ambition to bring health and well being to the residents of Bakersfield and most importantly her family has guided her dream of opening this Hot Yoga Studio in Bakersfield December 2014.

[Lastly, I would like to extend my personal email to you, so please email me anytime at [email protected] . I am always available.] (Maybe?)