Hot Yoga: Your Yoga Hot Girl Summer

By Warrior1Yoga - September 6th, 2019 in Yoga

Hot Yoga: Your Yoga Hot Girl Summer

I don’t know about you, but cranking up the thermostat and then exercising for an hour does not sound like a good time unless there are some serious benefits to be had. After all, don’t we suffer enough outdoors three months out of the year with triple digits? 

These are the first thoughts that generally cross one’s mind when it comes to hot yoga. However, hot yoga has become increasingly popular over the last five years and for good reason. There are a significant number of benefits to these classes. A few reasons include: 

Hot Yoga Can Increase Your Flexibility

 While improved flexibility is a benefit from all yoga classes, heat can actually expedite the stretching process. External heat allows muscles to expand and contract to greater limits so that higher flexibility can be achieved without the risk of injury. 

It’s a True Detox

With hot yoga, there is a significant increase in the amount of sweating. If you have taken a hot yoga class before, you will notice there are points where sweat literally drips off your body. When you sweat this much, you reduce water retention and get rid of unwanted toxins lingering in your body.

It Can Aid with Weight Loss

Some say yoga is too timid and gentle for weight loss, but studies prove quite the contrary. By holding various poses, in increased heat, you are building stronger muscle, replacing fat, and even improving your digestive system.

While hot yoga may not be for everyone, it is worth at least one try. Some have found their favorite workout class after one 90 minute Bikram Yoga Session.

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