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Shanna Wright

About Shanna Wright

I have always been an active person who enjoys working out.

I found yoga over 10 years ago, and I have always enjoyed being a participant of yoga. I became a Certified Yoga Instructor through YogaFit, and I have been teaching yoga for 2 years now. I feel yoga is an amazing way to bring awareness to your body and your mind, and an amazing way to stay healthy and active. Yoga is a reminder that not everything can be done in one day – like life, yoga is a journey. My yoga practice is my workout, and I love to bring that aspect of it to the mat. I am able to leave my day on the mat – my hopes, dreams, frustrations, fears, anxiety, whatever it is, I leave it all on the mat as I challenge my mind and my body through my yoga practice.

I often refer to it as “namastanasty”, because to me, practicing yoga is putting your whole body, mind, and spirit onto the mat and leaving it all there. Trust in yourself, and trust the practice. Like anything in life, you get out of yoga what you put into it. Teaching yoga to others is so rewarding for me, I love to learn from others as I teach them, and feel blessed each time someone trusts their journey with me. I love how yoga brings awareness to your body and mind, and love to show people how amazing they are no matter where they are at in their practice, to teach them to think “yes” instead of “no,” and that there is no limit to what you can accomplish with a positive attitude and a willingness to try.

Everybody can practice yoga.