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Nilay Engin

About Nilay Engin

Nilay has a 10-year career in Group Exercise Fitness as a certified instructor, but her journey into fitness is 10 years longer than that as she has trained in her teens with self-taught, gym and video routines as well as a disciplined practice into martial arts for 8 years.

She started her first group teaching practice as a special form of taekwondo based aerobics. Her fitness journey eventually crossed paths with yoga when she discovered how beneficial it was in every aspect of her life from physical, mindful and soulful experiences. She still trains with specially talented teachers in stretching such as circus acrobats, contortionists, and sports medical practitioners to learn more about the best ways to stretch, balance and strengthens.

Her style in yoga is multi-faceted which can be defined as Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow with minimum repetitions which are designed to connect most critical poses to others smoothly while keeping the very strong and focused aspects of these poses for best self-improvement and betterment.