By Warrior1Yoga - July 31st, 2017 in intentions

Sunday’s are a perfect day to mentally, emotionally- maybe even physically- prepare yourself for the week to come. Try using Sunday’s to set intentions for the week, or maybe jot down goals that you’d like to accomplish.

Here are a couple of intention/goal-setting tips:

  • Try not to do too much all at once. Try with 3 you can focus & pour your energy into.
  • Create SMART goals.

S– specific (so you know what you’re aiming for)

M– measurable (so you know where you stand and if you’ve achieved your goal)

A– attainable (be real with yourself, is this goal reachable)

R– relevant (does this goal make sense? Will it lead you to your end goal?)

T– timely (when do you hope to achieve this? One week? Two weeks? One month? Three months?)


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