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Michele Bell

About Michele Bell

Michele has been doing yoga since 2006. She has been involved in fitness throughout her life (swimming, track, bodybuilding, triathlons, and aerobics). Wife, mother of 3, as well as an elementary school teacher, yoga brought a peace and calmness to her busy life like no other activity. She finally found something that strengthened her body, but nourished her soul as well. After 4years of lyengar classes and workshops, michele was introduced to hot yoga and all it’s wonderful benefits. Hot yoga and certain instructors inspired her to take her yoga to the next level. She eventually went on to get her yoga certification through Yoga Alliance and Yahweh Yoga. This past year she became a certified Paddleboard Yoga instructor and now holds paddleboard yoga classes throughout the summer months right here in Bakersfield. Michele has a strong desire to share all the wonderful benefits of yoga with everyone she knows. She truly believes everyone can do it, and everyone needs it.