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Erin Howlett

About Erin Howlett

““Acknowledge where you are, and progress from there”. – Mark Stephens

I was born and raised in Bakersfield,Ca and I have had the privilege of seeing the West Coast of the United States. When my mother passed away in 2011, my life changed. I moved back to Bakersfield from Northern California, and God directed me to a path of love and kindness that could only heal my heart. Though my first taste of yoga was back in 2004, at Bakersfield College, I did not really encompass a yogi lifestyle till about 6 years ago. That is when I decided to make a healthy lifestyle change and dive fully into the practice of yoga. My practice continuously grows and transforms, not only physically but also emotionally by enriching my spiritual life. Yoga to me is more than a form of exercise. It’s a process. It’s working through difficult poses in yoga which teaches me life lessons that i may practice on a daily basis, with love and compassion, towards myself and others. A friend of mine told me years ago: “Erin, the key to happiness is helping others”. May my story help you. May you find what you need here. And may you be happy, joyous, and free.”